Biological Research Department

·        One vehicle 4x4

·        Kaytee- Exact hand feeding formula for baby macaws

·        High resolution digital photo cameras for the field

·        PI Tag injectors

·        Climbing equipment (jumars, eights, rope, harness)

Environmental Protection Department

·        Two 4x4 vehicles (used or new) in good conditions for the Centros de Operaciones Conjuntas in Laguna del Tigre (La Corona and Peñón de Buena Vista)

·        One 4x4 vehicle (used or new) for accompaniment and technical advise to the Centro de Operaciones Conjuntas in the MBR.

        Three photo voltaic systems for three Centros de Operaciones Conjuntas of Laguna del Tigre (La Corona, El Yesal/Burral and Peñónde Buena Vista)

Conservation and Community Development Department

·        A motorcycle (for field technicians)

·        Solar panels (for Paso Caballos and Uaxactún)

·        Portable projector

·        Fire equipment (blowers, rakes) for community organizations

The Wildlife Conservation Society Guatemala Program thanks all donors that allow us to implement conservation and research activities, environmental protection and conservation and community development in the Maya Biosphere Reserve.Despite these efforts our efforts always require more support because ourworking area is too large, and working tools have to be periodically renewed. In addition, we can mention that there are few donors who allow investing invehicles for the field, which are fundamental for our work. For these reasons the three main components of our Maya Biosphere Reserve Program has providedits “wish list” of those inputs that are urgently needed to improve the scopeof our efforts. Thanks again for your interest in the Maya Biosphere Reserve conservation!