WCS Guatemala


Welcome to WCS Guatemala site 

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) started working in Guatemala in 1992 with the mission of conserving the Maya Biosphere Reserve as one of Mesoamerica’s most important wildlife conservation areas. Our guiding principle is the creation of national and local capacities, through accompaniment of para-technicians, students, and national experts, and strengthening of Guatemalan Civil Society.

In this context, WCS works in four_inter-related fields to conserve the Maya Biosphere Reserve: 1) Biological investigation and monitoring; 2) Social development and the sustainable management of natural resources by rural communities; 3) Protection and prevention of forest fire; and 4) Governance, including cross-cutting themes such as the financial sustainability of the MBR.

Our results obtained to date are promising, but we recognize that the challenges are enormous, and there is yet a lot of work to do. For this reason, we invite you to learn more about our initiatives, and how you can support our mission to conserve Mesoamerica’s most spectacular natural and cultural area, the Maya Biosphere Reserve.