Natural Resources

Global demand and natural resources competition induced the increase in energy and mining industry investment which is expected to reach tens of millions of dollars from now to 2030. The magnitude of this investments are unprecedented and if are not well managed can increase pressure over important landscapes for wildlife which generate important ecosystem services.  These investments generate important benefits to companies, taxes, jobs and economic benefits through the economies in which projects are developed. The probability that governments resign to such investments is low and for this reason in the long term WCS has to improve the possibilities to reach its vision and mission on each landscape through industries at national and worldwide level. Working with governments to promote better practices to find a balance between development pressures and conservation needs. However, natural resources fight is probably not only produced at industrial scale. Craft exploitation of natural resources such as gold and other metals, as well as small investments in energy development will also have a significant impact on landscapes pressures. WCS have to developefficient strategies to face craft exploitation, working with governments and community institutions to develop effective solutions for resources extraction.